Your HMJDS experience will be built on a 31 years of experience nurturing:

intellectual curiosity

artistic expression

social responsibility

individual learners

We work closely with each family to ensure that their child receives a strong academic foundation upon which to build success in school and in life. Small class sizes and flexible student groupings, allow us to tailor lessons to your child, based on his/her own learning style. We challenge students to reach for new heights, teaching the academic and organizational skills that allow them to be creative problems solvers and outstanding communicators who actively engage in their community.We strive to assure that each child feels connected and valued.

Viewing the world through Jewish lenses, school life nurtures spiritual life. Our students grow to respect and cherish Jewish texts, rituals, prayers, and values in age-appropriate ways. Our vibrant Judaic Studies program, empowers students to explore their faith and Jewish identity, acquire religious literacy, and nurture a connection with Israel.

“More important than the Pythagorean Theorem the law of constant proportions is the value of hard work. This is what I take away from HMJDS.” – HMJDS Student

It is, of course, our teachers who bring the rich, integrated curriculum to life for your child. Led by our Head of School, Yoni Binus and our Associate Head of School Helen Siegel, our talented, accomplished faculty is dedicated to implementing best practice teaching techniques.

Alumni surveys indicate that our graduates are solidly prepared for high school and college, especially in the areas of math, science, writing, and public speaking. HMJDS graduates have a well-defined sense of what being Jewish means to them personally, setting them on a path for a lifelong engagement with their religious and cultural heritage.

National research tells us that day school graduates have a greater sense of responsibility toward addressing the needs of the larger society—by influencing social values, helping those in need, volunteering their time, and choosing careers that enable them to be of service to their community—than their public and private school peers.

Because curriculum is dynamic and our 21st century society requires new skills, HMJDS values its Accreditations / Affiliations with many highly regarded educational and Jewish organizations that support ongoing program assessment and expansion.